API - Application

API - Application


It's assumed that the requesting user is authenticated and there is an existing job on which an applicant wants to apply. The following actions could be performed for an application:
Apply for an existing job
Apply again for an existing application

Creating an application

Use the following endpoint to create a request for a job application.
PUT Api/Application?url={url}&sendApplicationEmail={sendApplicationEmail}

URI Parameters

Use parameter url to specify the application source which is used to determine the related settings for the used portal. If not provided, the default portal url of the current mandator will be used.
The parameter sendApplicationEmail specifies whether to send an eMail to the applicant (rendered from a template defined in the portal) or not.

Body Parameters

This parameter describes the application source. It's highly recommended to provide this parameter, since it can be used to generate statistics from what site your applicants come from (e.g. karriere.at, willhaben.at, StepStone, ...).
The applicant is able to attach a personal cover letter to the application. It can be viewed in the eRecruiter.
This flag defines the behavior of existing applications.

Flag (RefreshApplicationIfItAlreadyExists)
Existing application in eRecruiter
API Behavoir
Create application (No impact of the Flag)
Ignore application ( Neither a confirmation E-Mail will be sent nor an Cover Letter will be created)
Create application (No impact of the Flag)

Update an existing application. An History entry will be created with the information that the applicant has applied again and additionally, an internal Message will be sent to the responsible recruiter attached to the job.


The response contains messages about errors that occured during the application. Here is a list of possible messages (please note: a response could contain more than one message):
  1. ApplicantDoesNotExist - The applicant Id does not exist, or at least does not exist for the current mandator.
  2. JobDoesNotExist - The provided job Id does not exist, or at least does not exist for the current mandator.
  3. JobIsClosed - Job is not enabled on the Channel or Portal.
  4. ApplicationAlreadyExists - If there is an existing online-job-application for this job and the RefreshApplicationIfItAlreadyExists flag is set to no.

Update an Application

This section described how to update an existing application. Use the following request to edit an application .
POST Api/Application/{applicantJobId}
The following action can be applied to an application:
  1. Trigger an workflow transition
  2. Send an internal message to the job-contact-person
  3. Edit the referrer

Body Parameter

This parameter can contain a message for the job-contact-person.
This parameter can trigger an workflow transition. The following errors could occur:
  1. Invalid identifier for the activity
  2. The provided activity is not supported for this applicant
  3. The provided activity is not a valid transition from the current state
For an valid activity, the state of the application will be set to the provided one.
Update the referrer and additional referrer information


The server response contains the following information:

Id of the application
Id of the applicant
Id fo the job this application is for
Current value of the referrer
Current value of the additional information of the referrer
Name of the application status
If available, it's the status name of the current application status for the applicant Portal. If not available, it has the same value as Status
If available, it's the status name of the current application status for the customer Portal. If not available, it has the same value as Status
Indicates, whether to show the application-status on the applicant portal or not.
Indicates, whether to show the application-status on the customerportal or not.
A list of possible status transitions (= acitivies, see below)

Name of the activity
If available, a name for the applicant portal, the name otherwise
if available, a name for the customer portal, the name otherwise

Determines, if activity should be visible to applicant

  • None - Don't display on company portal
  • Simple - Display on company portal
  • Full - Display at company portal and allow direct communication

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